Additional module: electronic shift book

The internal transmission of information is for a lot of producing companies an important, but also a difficult and not comprehensive solved job.

To guarantee an optimal production process, a safe workspace for the employees and a high capacity utilization of the machines makes it essential, that all involved persons from different shifts or departments get all important information very reliably.

How do you resolve this problem currently in your company?
We resove it for you! With our electronic shift book - a separate module in Activity-NEXT.

Our electronic shift book creates the condition, that you are able to capture all occurred problems or incidents, internal agreements or events central, exactly and clear. All involved persons from different shifts or departments can see them. This ensures a good and trouble-free cooperation and an optimized production process.

You have to create the master data of each shift capitally in the shift book. It includes also the shift times and a description of the shift. There is no limit for the number of possible shifts. It´s also possible to use the object filter function in Activity-NEXT to allocate a shift to specific assets.

A preparing shift planning is available too. You can modify it anytime with a few steps, who takes into account the current situation. Therefore you can plan different shifts incl. the estimated shift personnel in advance in any number. They can be opened very quick and easy from the authorized persons (for example: shift manager).

It´s possible to create copies from previous shifts incl. all consisting contents. Same shifts can be opened without input burden.

Within the individual shifts, the defined persons of the respective shift personnel can document audit-proof special shift events like dangerous situations, incidents, technical defects or other occurrences. This shift book entries can be condensed to a report.

A shift book entry has the status "open" or "done" and is visualized with a coloured LED.

Each shift book entry contains an option to capture technical attributes, measured values and/or test results.

There is a possibility to create a corrective order from each shift book entry directly. Therefore it will included in the maintenance order planning immediately.

At the end of the shift the shift manager or another authorized person have to close the shift. There are no shift book entries to a closed shift possible.

With report generation can be collected all important information from the shift book in a clearly list. You can use it in regular shift meetings or internal meetings with other departments. There is also a separated data pool. who collect all shift book entries shift-independent, so that comprehensive and cross-layer evaluations are possible.

This modul was developed as an add-on to Activity-NEXT and it is not including in the standardversion.