Mobile application: Activity-in-motion

Activity-NEXT has got a new mobile solution. Benefit from this mobile application and use Activity-in-motion directly with your smartphone or tablet.

Activity-in-motion was developed as a Java-based framework and with the latest web standards (based on HTML 5 / design with SCSS - extension to CSS). It makes possible all kinds of mobile applications. With this available basic functionality each Activity-in-motion solution will be customized adapted and developed specifically.

Activity-in-motion is using the database functionality of Activity-NEXT. But each SQL-compatible database can be connected as well.

You are able to make all desired workflows of Activity-NEXT  "mobile-compatible" with Activity-in-motion.

For example:

  • look at orders, separately for corrective and preventive order management
  • edit orders
  • create feedback signals to corrective or preventive orders (simple/detailed)
  • get all information to your assets, master data, tables, documents
  • scan barcodes
  • capture fault messages
  • use camera function
  • dashboard possible: user-dependent display