Individual Software Development

Daily we are using a lot of applications to do our incidental work. Most of them are mass products and were not developed especially for us. This means: we have to adjust us to these applications - instead of vice versa.

If somebody is working with standard applications, which its own or internal requirements covers not at all or only insufficent, has to adjust his workflows to this applications. This is often not really useful. The result is, that users are dissatisfied. It also contains increased potential for errors and of course the value chain can not used optimally.

Therefore it will make sense, to apply a specially developed software solution for your individual requirements. This is often cheaper as you mean. In particular, if you including in this calculation long-term effects like optimization of processes.

An individual software will be matched exactly to your business processes and can clearly enhance your efficiency. This shows you in lower costs and also in higher customer- and employee satisfaction.

We offer all services for such a project from a single source: from planning and design through to implementation of your personal solution. We are present for you with our whole team!

It is extremly important for us, that the focus is on a joint development of your individual application together with you and your employees. So that you are always involved in the creation of your software solution over the whole development period.

The current demand to mobile business applications grow rapidly. The mobile access to a lot of business data belongs more and more to our daily life. With tablet, laptop or smartphone. Many employees need more and more frequently an access to important company information from outside. Two thirds of all german companies are already using the mobile access to internal data now. With rising tendency.

We like to enable a symbiosis of "OLD SCHOOL" an "HIGH TECH". If necessary, we are developing individual applications as desktop or web-application, in combination or stand alone - totally according to your requirements.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information or an exclusive offer.