Enterprise-Asset-Management-System Activity-NEXT standardversion

Activity-NEXT is a powerful and modern EAM-system and already provides in the standardversion a lot of integrated extensions additionally to the basic functionalities. High usability, a simple handling and short distances in system were the focus during the development.

The standardversion includes a clearly plant structure with theirs history documentation and a comfortable processing of the completely order management. It presents all preventive maintenance orders and all corrective repair orders in two separated areas. Fault messages, requests and installation works also can be processed. A lean material management completed the standardversion of Activity-NEXT. The integrated standard data module for objects, orders and feed back signals shorten the processing time and makes data entries standardized. You can use the contained function as well, to modify mass data fast and uncomplicated in the whole system.

A lot of individual customization options are already a part of the standardversion from Activity-NEXT. For example: settings for user-dependent searches, sortings and views. You also get a possibiliy to create individual masks in different divisions. The additional object filter function allows it, to set an individual and reduced plant structure for each user.

Activity-NEXT has a modular construction and practice-oriented, short distances in the system. This guaranteed an easy and clearly handling for all users.

Activity-NEXT will be developed constantly. We do this in close collaboration with our customers and according to the growing demands of the modern maintenance and current technology.