About us

We provide expert knowledge

The base of our business was formed by development know-how and project experience especially in maintenance area over 25 years.

Definition: What is EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
EAM means the management of the physical assets of a company. These include not only buildings and equipment but also the machinery and instrumentation. Through suitable EAM software utilisation, productivity and the capacity of company resources can be optimised, thereby increasing the ROA (return on assets). EAM software, as opposed to SCM solutions goes beyond the management of maintenance and repair services. It involves the entire life cycle of the plants - from design to the decommissioning or replacement of assets.

The history of our expert knowledge has already begun in the 1990s with co-development of the first european market leader in the area of maintenance software. A lot of things have been changed since then. But equally to the changes, the experiences also have been duplicated and we have got a profound knowledge and a professional qualification in maintenance area. 

We preserve which is proven and let grow up which is new

We rely on continuity and stability in our company. These values were born from our practical experiences for many years. In the same time we give space for innovation and creativity, so that new ideas and visions can grow up.

More individuality – lesser bureaucracy

The structur of our company allows it to show an interest in individual requirements of any customer aimed, fast and unbureaucratically and transcribe them practically and efficiently.

Therefore our software solutions are usable across all industries and will be adapted to the special standards of various economic sectors.

Currently applications of Activity-NEXT are:
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Ophthalmic lens producer
  • in different administrative areas
  • manufacturer of precious metal and quarz glass
  • Energy supplier
  • Steel company